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David Selby

Books by David Selby

In addition to his work as an actor, David Selby has written memoirs, plays, poems, and novels.

David Selby reading My Mother's Autumn

David Selby's first book, In and Out of the Shadows, is a career retrospective featuring photographs from throughout his career as well as a few poems, including one about Dark Shadows. Its release coincided with the 1999 Dark Shadows Festival in New York.

Since then, David has published nine additional books.

My Mother's Autumn and Happenstance are collections of poetry.

The Blue Door and Lincoln's Better Angel are novels based on material that David has also incorporated into plays. Promises of Love and A Casualty of Indifference are his latest novels.

A Better Place, his first foray into nonfiction, finds David discussing his upbringing in West Virginia and, among other topics, how his sense of place shapes his view of the world.

In My Shadowed Past, David reflects on his time on Dark Shadows as Quentin Collins.

Light and Shadows is a collection of poems originally performed as songs at recent Dark Shadows Festivals. The poems are inspired by Dark Shadows and its fans.

For more detailed information about individual books, please click on the hyperlinked titles on this page.

Several titles are also available via online retailers and brick and mortar stores.

Please note that this site discontinued direct sales of books on Tuesday, April 30, 2024. All book orders placed before that date will be honored. We are looking into other methods of making David's books available. Please check back for updates.