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Lincoln's Better Angel

David Selby is best known as a television, stage and film actor, but he is also a writer. Raised and educated in West Virginia and Illinois, and residing in California, his writing touches the heart of the matter for many cultures, and always with a measure of humor and perceptive insight.

Lincoln’s Better Angel
was inspired by an event the author read about in the Washington Post. The story he creates reflects on the personal impact of war and historical perspective.

Lincoln's Better Angel by David SelbyA walk with President Abraham Lincoln and Vietnam Veteran Charles Huggins through Washington D.C., on a hot Fourth of July night, becomes a walk through history. Layering time, grief, humor and fantasy, Selby presents a story that is both moving and engaging.

“David Selby has presented a charming novel....Selby has Lincoln speaking in a mix of noble sentiments and very common wisdom—a perfect combination for the Great Emancipator. Lincoln is clearly a person we wish we knew better, and in Selby’s work we come to know him as never before.” — Michael P. Riccards, author, Ferocious Engine of Democracy, a two-volume history of the presidency

Lincoln’s Better Angel gives us a history lesson, and Lincoln’s words and actions demonstrate how he changed our way of thinking and made it possible for all of us to be the best that we can be.” — Rafer Johnson, Olympic Decathlon Gold Medal Winner, author, and humanitarian

“From its opening paragraph, Lincoln’s Better Angel is touching, and at times astonishing. David Selby has created a living, breathing Lincoln, true to historical roots, yet alive and relevant in today’s world. Any student of American history will be dazzled by Selby’s interpretation of Lincoln and his plausible reactions to contemporary events. With every page, you tumble further into this amazing world, and meet a charming, wise and surprising ghost of Lincoln.” — Bob Rogers, BRC Imagination Arts, Executive Producer of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum

“David L. Selby has brought the ghost of Lincoln back to Washington D.C. where he appears to a Vietnam veteran assigned to the Lincoln Memorial. They discuss the past and the present in a very imaginative and philosophical dialogue. A most entertaining read.” — Wayne C. Temple, historian and author of Abraham Lincoln: From Skeptic to Prophet and other works, and Chief Deputy Director, Illinois State Archive

David was interviewed by West Virginia Public radio about Lincoln's Better Angel.

Lincoln's Better Angel is also available in a Kindle edition.

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