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David Selby

The Blue Door

Description of Picture.David Selby's second novel, The Blue Door, was published in 2010.

There is a legend in the Southern Appalachian Mountains that the color "haint blue" is a very special shade of blue that wards off evil spirits and curses. Sally Hanks, a committed environmentalist, provides that protection for her mountaintop against the forces of King Coal and the ruthlessness and greed of the coal company owners and politicians who fight her and her supporters in their quest to blast the top third of the mountains off as a way to mine coal. Based on actual people and events, the book considers the motives of those wishing to dismantle the Clean Water Act and the political figures who enable those attempts. It also delves into the lives and loves of the men and women who continue to fight to save the integrity of the remaining mountains, the courage of the judges who fight the money of King Coal, and the reality of life in the middle of an Armageddon reality.

The Blue Door is also available in a Kindle edition.