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David Selby


HappenstanceDavid Selby's poetry focuses on the hopes and dreams of life and the adventures and misadventures that lead each of us down the path of happenstance.

We dream, we hope, we plan. Life may or may not go along with us. It sends people and events our way. Some help, some hinder. Underneath it all, underneath the seeming indifference of a sometimes cynical and unconcerned world, a structure of love and support holds our world together.

Happenstance may be the direction we are led by adventures and misadventures, but happenstance also brings us love and friendships so strong that we can survive—and enjoy—the trip.

The course of a life is a road of happenstance. . .
So you cast the dice
knowing the road does not stop
it only bids farewell. David Selby