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David Selby

Air Dates

Check this page regularly for updates on where you can see David Selby on broadcast television, cable, or satellite and hear him on the radio or online. This page does not cover television streaming services. To find out which of David's roles are streaming, JustWatch is a useful resource.


Equals, starring Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart:

Date Time Channel
Mon., Feb. 5 8:00 PM ET WOMMAX
Thurs., Feb. 8 6:08 PM ET THRMAX
Wed., Feb. 14 8:51 AM ET WOMMAX
Thurs., Feb. 15 1:13 PM ET MOMAX
Sat., Feb. 17 4:50 PM ET MTHRMAX

The Social Network, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield:

Date Time Channel
Sun., Feb. 4 3:23 PM ET ENCORE
Fri., Feb. 9 12:46 AM ET ENCLOV
Fri., Feb. 9 1:59 PM ET ENCLOV
Wed., Feb. 14 8:26 AM ET ENCLOV
Wed., Feb. 14 5:15 PM ET ENCLOV
Sat., Feb. 17 5:40 AM ET ENCLOV
Sat., Feb. 17 9:00 PM ET ENCLOV

Television Guest Appearances

NCIS: New Orleans, "Relentless," starring Scott Bakula:

Date Time Channel
Tues., Feb. 13 10:00 PM ET TVGUIDE

Television Series

None of David's series is airing on broadcast television or cable in the United States at this time. Streaming options may be available, but these change from time to time. Please visit the pages devoted to Dark Shadows and Falcon Crest in the Photo Gallery for information on streaming and other viewing options for those series.

Tell Me You Love Me, which ran for a single season on HBO, is available on DVD from retailers such as Amazon (paid link). HBO and HBO MAX subscribers can watch the series on demand.

Soldier of Fortune, Inc. ran for two seasons in syndication. It was retitled S.O.F.: Special Ops Force in the second season. Since its original broadcast, the series has not re-aired. It is not available on DVD except as a movie presentation of two episodes from the first season, and this title is now out of print. Used copies appear on Amazon (paid link), but beware. Because this DVD is out of print, prices can be rather steep.

Radio Theatre

Check out L.A. Theatre Works and the Big Finish Dark Shadows range for recordings of audio dramas featuring David Selby.