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David Selby

In and Out of the Shadows

In and Out of the ShadowsDavid Selby's first book, In and Out of the Shadows, contains nearly 300 rare photographs of the actor throughout his career and an extensive section devoted to his days as Quentin Collins on Dark Shadows. It features poems by David.

In and Out of the Shadows is a collection of pictures, both black and white and color, from the long, distinguished career of actor David Selby. The book is separated into sections from his careers on the stage, in film, and in television. It includes a list of his many professional appearances and is interspersed with written recollections. This is an entertaining history of an actor's life, beginning in the years when the theatre scene in New York was full of work for young actors, when there were more dramas on television than reality shows, and when film was alive with great stories. Featuring many pictures from Dark Shadows, it moves steadily to the present, acknowledging Mr. Selby's work on public radio and his busy writing and producing career.

In and Out of the Shadows is out of print. There are currently no plans to reprint it.