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David Selby's social media accounts are maintained by his webmaster. He does not interact directly with fans via social media. If you receive any sort of direct message claiming to be from David, rest assured it is not from him. Unfortunately, even with the various verification methods that social media services offer, this type of impersonation is rampant. If you are contacted on social media by someone claiming to be David, please report the interaction to the social media company involved.

Below is a list of David's official social media accounts. Please follow on whatever social media channels you're comfortable using.

If you do not see an account listed here, it is not official. If you discover that you have been following an account that is falsely claiming to be official, please unfollow it and report it and encourage your friends to do the same. When false accounts have few followers, others are less likely to be duped into following them.

Official David Selby Social Media Accounts

To read David's direct messages to fans, be sure to check out his Blog.