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David Selby


David Selby Fan Sites

Criseyde's David Selby Site
An encyclopedia of Selby information and a great place to view photos, download sound clips, and much more

Dark Shadows Sites

David Selby as Quentin Collins


Big Finish Productions
Dark Shadows continues in a series of audio dramas and dramatic readings.
MPI Home Video
Dark Shadows DVDs and other merchandise related to the show

Fan Sites

Central Florida Dark Shadows Fan Club
Going strong since 1991, the club holds regular meetings and an annual Dark Shadows themed party. Some members travel together to various Dark Shadows related events around the country.
The Collinsport Historical Society
Founded in 2012, this fan site features a wealth of Dark Shadows information and discussion, including press clippings, podcasts, and much more.
Cindy has been a fixture at Dark Shadows Festivals with her DS-inspired jewelry designs. She now offers items through her Etsy store.
The Dark Shadows FAQ
One of the earliest sources of Dark Shadows information on the web, Tim Choate's site is still a valuable resource for fans.
Dark Shadows Online
Started by Craig Hamrick, who also served as webmaster for this site in its early years. Sadly, Craig passed away in 2006, but his partner has kept the site online because it is such a valuable resource for fans of the show.
The Dark Shadows Festival
This is the site of the official Dark Shadows fan club with information about annual fan conventions, or Festivals, as well as smaller events.
The Dark Shadows Wiki
The Dark Shadows encyclopedia that anyone can edit
ShadowGram is the official Dark Shadows fan newsletter. Print issues are published regularly throughout the year. Online updates are circulated between print issues. For additional information, contact SG editor and publisher Marcy Robin at

Actors' Official Sites

Kathryn Leigh Scott
Maggie Evans/Josette duPres
Jim Storm Photography
Gerard Stiles

Falcon Crest Sites

Fan Sites

The German Falcon Crest Fan Club (Deutscher Falcon Crest Fanclub) Web Site
Available in both English and German. Features many resources related to the show, including location photos and links to other sites The Official Online Store of Warner Bros. Studios
Falcon Crest episodes on DVD

Actors' Official Sites

David Selby and Susan Sullivan in Falcon Crest
Jane Badler
Meredith Braxton
Brett Cullen
Dan Fixx
Sarah Douglas
Pamela Lynch
Morgan Fairchild
Jordan Roberts
Marjoe Gortner
Vince Karlotti
Jill Jacobson
Erin Jones
Jamie Rose
Vickie Gioberti


David Selby performing for L.A. Theatre Works
L.A. Theatre Works
Produces and records live audio theatre in Los Angeles. Plays are broadcast on public radio and satellite radio throughout the country and can be heard outside the U.S. on the Voice of America and the BBC. David Selby has been involved in numerous productions. Titles are available on compact disc and/or via digital download.