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David Selby

My Mother's Autumn

My Mother's AutumnDavid Selby's mother died suddenly and unexpectedly on a beautiful autumn day. In the months following her death, he began putting his thoughts about her into poetry. This collection not only examines the complicated, sometimes uncommunicated, love between a mother and her son, but also looks poignantly at the events that must be faced by a family when a loved one dies. It is a moving tribute from a son to his mother and an acknowledgement of the powerful ties, often unspoken, that bind family members together.

I've felt so intimate with Mom in her
death. Something I missed in her life . . .
It wasn't the love we missed.
It was the time.
My Mother's Autumn CD

The full book, read with heartfelt emotion by David Selby, accompanied by original music, was also released on compact disc.

The first time I read these poems, I was deeply touched by their quiet truths. Reading them again now, after the deaths of my own parents, I feel my heart splitting asunder with recognition and shared grief. Elizabeth Forysthe Hailey
Author of A Woman of Independent Means
David Selby is an admirable husband, a devoted father, a caring son, and an actor of note. He is also a gifted poet. Overwhelmed by the death of his mother, David's profound grief found eloquent expression in poetry. In dealing with his own great loss, David has provided each of us with courage and insight and strength that can help us in dealing with our own time of grief. My Mother's Autumn is a work of radiance which deals with death and at the same time celebrates life. Earl Hamner
Creator of The Waltons and Falcon Crest

New copies of this book are not currently available.