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David Selby

Rich and Famous

Rich and Famous was the final film to be directed by Hollywood legend George Cukor (The Philadelphia Story, Gaslight, My Fair Lady). Based on the play An Old Acquaintance, it focuses on the lifelong relationship between college roommates Liz Hamilton (Jacqueline Bisset) and Merry Noel Blake (Candice Bergen), who today would probably be described as "frenemies." David Selby portrays Doug Blake, Merry's husband with whom she has eloped as the movie begins.

As part of the publicity for Rich and Famous, David appeared on the October 1981 cover of Playgirl with Jacqueline Bisset. The issue features an interview with Jacqueline Bisset and a half-page piece on David in which he comments on working with Cukor:

Rich and Famous was a real treat. It was tremendous working with George Cukor. Through him, I got a perspective on the old Hollywood, hearing his stories about Katharine Hepburn and Rosalind Russell—all those stars of the thirties and forties. Cukor's a pretty salty character. He doesn't spare many words. I always knew where I stood with him. If he didn't like something, he was the first to tell you, and he always said it loud so everyone could hear.
David Selby

Bisset and Selby reunited in 2001 for guest appearances in an episode of Ally McBeal ("I Want Love") as plaintiff and defendant in a sexual discrimination lawsuit.

Rich and Famous is available on DVD from retailers such as Amazon (paid link).

The slideshow below features images from Rich and Famous along with the Playgirl cover.

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