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David Selby

Necessary Sacrifices

David Selby returned to Ford's Theatre in January-February 2012 to play Abraham Lincoln in Necessary Sacrifices, a newly commissioned play by Richard Hellesen directed by Jennifer Nelson. From Ford's Theatre:

In his fourth commission for Ford’s Theatre, playwright Richard Hellesen explores the two documented encounters between Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln during a period of national crisis. As Lincoln searches for a way to end slavery in the summers of 1863 and 1864, Douglass’s rhetoric and conviction challenges the president to envision a post-emancipation world. Together, the men imagine not only a unified nation but a society that brings truth to the Declaration of Independence assertion that “all men are created equal.”

Hellesen’s previous works for Ford’s Theatre include One Destiny, Investigation: Detective McDevitt and The Road from Appomattox, three gripping and insightful explorations of critical moments in Civil War history. The world premiere of this work will coincide with the opening of the Center for Education and Leadership, which will include new galleries exploring the immediate aftermath of Lincoln’s assassination and the evolution of his legacy.

Performances were held January 25 through February 18.

David Emerson Toney (Frederick Douglass) had to withdraw from the production due to a health matter. Craig Wallace stepped in to portray Frederick Douglass. To allow adequate rehearsal time, performances scheduled for January 20-24 as well as the media performance scheduled for January 25 were canceled. However, new dates were added to the end of the play's run.

Photos and videos related to the play appear in the slideshow below. All material courtesy of Ford's Theatre.

On mobile devices, double tap the slideshow for fullscreen view.